Encourage your audience to interact through 2-Way Messaging

To send and receive replies, follow up on responses easily, and keep track of who has responded when using two-way SMS messaging. To learn more about how Telkosh can benefit your company, schedule a product tour!
Two Way Messaging

Increased responsiveness

Two-way SMS allows you to conduct immediate dialogues with your consumers and has a response rate that is quicker than email.


Connected conversations

Integrate your preferred programs, email client, or 1,000+ platforms with ease using Zapier, NetSuite, Shopify, or HubSpot's native integration.


Conversational messaging

Engage in focused dialogues with customers in our inbox on our user-friendly web portal using a familiar conversational experience.

Harness the power of SMS communications

Boost client interaction with two-way messaging

You may receive texts from anybody, anywhere, at any time by using a dedicated virtual number for your company. For the price of a typical SMS, your clients have the special benefit of being able to text you directly whenever they want throughout the day.
Two Way Messaging Benefits
Incoming SMS Messaging

Receive and Reply to Messages

Having a conversation is simple with our two-way texting service. All plans include unlimited contacts and cost-free incoming SMS messages! Plan responses for a particular day or time. Emojis can be added to your communications.
Incoming SMS Messaging

Streamline your workflow to Boost customer experience

Create keyword-based rules for incoming SMS messages to start dynamic responses and speed up communication with clients, employees, and community members. Your customers can remember and call you by saving your contact information on their phones.
Customer Experience
Unread Conversation

Conversational inbox that is simple to utilize

You may use the conversational inbox to manage ongoing discussions, look up specific material, and browse all incoming messages from the previous 90 days by adding your team and other people. Unread conversations will be displayed at the top of the list.
Unread Conversation

Transmit your message.

Improve your communication by using the direct SMS service.
Customer Support