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Contact millions of clients with one regional number using high-volume, high-delivery SMS experiences built on Telkosh. To learn more about how Telkosh can benefit your company, schedule a product tour!
A2P Messaging

Understanding the Dynamics

Work Process



Language-Based Messaging

Create a customized message in your preferred language. 200+ telecom companies with a global presence, various redundancies, and backup routes.


Personalized Messaging

Flexible personalized messaging with editable fields. When you personalize your message, you can upload a file containing a list of mobile phone numbers.


Scheduling & Group SMS

To maximize consumer engagement, strategically manage your marketing based on the preferences and schedules of your customers

Building strong customer communication
for businesses

Widen Your Business Appeal with A2P Messaging

Reach out to a wide base of customers most easily and quickly with A2P Messaging. Run numerous SMS messages concurrently and without overlap to increase business and campaign productivity.
Messaging Worldwide
Message Reply

Receive and Reply to Messages

Having a conversation is simple with our two-way texting service. All plans include unlimited contacts and cost-free incoming SMS messages!
  • Plan responses for a particular day or time.
  • Emojis can be added to your communications.
  • Make reusable templates for common responses.
  • Message Reply

    Support for all

    Nobody is forgotten! All message types, including concatenated and multilingual text messages, are supported by our highly accessible A2P messaging infrastructure. While providing correct routing of A2P traffic received from multiple sources to various destinations, it also permits interconnection with the major SMS aggregators and MNOs.
    Support for All
    Potential Customers

    Connect with Your Potential Customers

    Transform the way your company engages with customers, in real-time. Reach business prospects across 150+ markets with a single SMS platform: globally compliant, safe, and secure with local regulations and operator requirements.
    Potential Customers

    Get delivery reports, efficient routing, and guaranteed delivery


    Sender IDs

    Send messages with an alphanumeric sender ID to promote your brand.


    Strong Reporting

    State information for the most crucial indicators.



    To ensure delivery, track your communications in real-time.


    Smart routing

    Uses the optimum route to deliver messages as quickly as possible.

    Transmit your message.

    Improve your communication by using the direct SMS service.
    Customer Support