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Ideal for Alerts, SMS competitions, SMS or Voice Voting, Transactional Services, promotions & offers or Greetings. Connect to SMS or Voice from a single location to streamline operations and cut costs and workload through Telkosh API system.
A2P Messaging

Telkosh Voice Connectivity

Connect to Telkosh’s Voice Hub to obtain access to more than 1000 networks worldwide while saving time and money on middlemen. Profit from improving the quality of your services by utilizing our direct MNO connectivity, SIP trunking, or API connectivity. Utilizing our direct ties to the MNOs, raise the calibre of your offerings. Send both to a landline or mobile number while selecting your preferred local currency.
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Telkosh SMS Connectivity

Connect to Telkosh to receive access to more than 1000 networks worldwide while saving time and money on middlemen. Profit from enhancing your service quality by utilizing our direct connectivity to MNOs. Send both domestic and foreign traffic while locking the preferred local currency.
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Exclusive Services For SMS or Voice Aggregators​


Promotional SMS Aggregator

By sending an SMS, you have the freedom to advertise your business or brands and thereby engage customers. There is no time limit; you may send an SMS at any time of the day.


OTP SMS Aggregator

One-time passwords, or OTPs, are delivered to your mobile number to verify your identity as an authorized individual. OTP codes are only usable once.


Missed Call Alert Aggregator

To learn about the bargains of the day, request missed calls from your consumers. Bringing them to your newest bargains, will not only improve client relations but also boost your sales.


Transactional SMS Aggregator

Only informative communications can be sent to your customers. Through transactional SMS, you may keep in touch with your customers around the clock. SMS can be sent to DND numbers as well.


Voice Aggregator

To save time and money, you can send your customers prerecorded voice messages that typically last no longer than 30 seconds. Pre-recorded excerpts of the bulk audio messages are sent to landline and mobile networks across the nation.


2 Way Messaging Aggregator

You can solicit helpful input from your customers using two-way communication. Any firm must be aware of consumer feedback. If a customer wants to ask questions regarding the goods, let them interact with you.

With the best entire product suite in the mVAS space, advance to success. We are experts at adapting technology to your demands.
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