Modern Optimized Authentication

Versatile multifactor authentication that makes it simple to protect the entire client journey. Allow users to verify their identities with a code that is sent to them via SMS.

Authenticate with Telkosh


Constantly accessible local support

We offer 24/7 expert help to clients all over the world.


Dependable Infrastructure

Infrastructure that is fully compliant and strengthened with anti-fraud solutions.


Worldwide Coverage

With over 200 countries worldwide, we can maintain complete global coverage.



99.99% uptime is assured under the SLA.


Exceptional speed and great conversion rates

The fastest speed and best rate of delivery are ensured by direct connections to 1000+ mobile providers.


Easy Integration

Simple APIs supported by expert integration specialist assistance.



Inventive solutions created by and for clients.


Options for failover

Best-in-class SMS infrastructure ensures multifactor authentication.

Provide Better security and a greater CX Throughout the entire Journey


Reduce uncertainty and difficulty in the registration process.

By involving users through the appropriate channels, you can identify bad actors, stop the development of fraudulent accounts and bogus traffic, and increase conversion rates.


Authenticate users without delay and protect them during all transactions.

With our extensive array of authentication and anti-fraud solutions, you can be certain that users are who they say they are. Before disclosing any sensitive information to users, strengthen the security around any influential user transactions.


Allow only authorized users while seamlessly implementing security in the background

Our anti-fraud technologies can help you identify and prevent bots and account takeover attempts. At log-in, only demonstrating numbers can have ownership over a variety of channels.


Easily and securely assist your users in updating and recovering their accounts.

Account data and password resets should all be kept up to date for users in order to prevent account takeovers and assure phone number ownership.

Single Platform for Authentication

Utilize the best solutions for multifactor authentication to validate
your clients across virtually all channels.

Our network of more than 1000 direct operator contacts provides the quickest and most dependable delivery.

Securely and covertly authenticate users in the background.

Authenticates individuals by delivering codes over crystal-clear voice connections.

Easily and quickly authenticate users through your app using Push.

For the best user experience, allow users to log in with their preferred chat app.

For quick authentication, email boosts confidence across a dependable and secure route.

Boost authentication to cut down on fraud, and boost conversions

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