Leveraging Cutting-Edge Services to Provide Comprehensive Financial Solutions

Using Telkosh, deliver a variety of banking and financial services right to the customer’s mobile device. Elevating the customer journey while meeting all regulations necessitates and overall return on investment.

Telkosh helps the Banking & Financial Services Industry.

Sending on-time alerts and notifications using Telkosh APIs will put an end to long wait periods and late hardcopy communications. To provide a variety of immediate, actionable alerts, including trade updates as well as bank statements and fund transfers, use Telkosh SMS & Voice. Allow customers to text you right away for information. Utilize Telkosh’s services to become your client’s invisible but constantly accessible personal banker.

Control fraud

Control fraud

For high-value transactions or new user logins, Telkosh offers additional protection layers in addition to a safe and seamless OTP experience. Safer for both you and your clients.

Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience

Real-time personalized conversations and timely notifications can increase customer engagement and conversions throughout their buying process.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Utilize Telkosh to interact with your consumers when and where it matters. It is the one-stop solution for all your banking & financial needs available 24/7 with our solution.

Infrastructure is reliable

With private cloud or on-premise deployment, proactive monitoring, and round-the-clock client support, Telkosh offers a dependable SMS & Voice solution that ensures the highest level of security, performance, and dependability. Simplify and enhance your client’s banking experience to gain their trust and increase revenues.

The one-stop solution for Banking & Financial Services

Engages customer

Attracts new banking users and brings back inactive ones by targeting them with highly personalized messages over Voice & SMS.


Our platform complies with all applicable privacy laws, allowing you to use authentication at different client touchpoints throughout the customer experience.


Provide instant support built around agents’ efficiency. Improve support and sales by integrating your systems to provide agents with a 360-degree perspective.

Want to enhance your client’s banking experience- Modernize finance with Telkosh

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