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SEND SMS through our Formatted SMS API : (Send SMS)

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Parameters to Send Message :

SMS Template: Hi (1), your subscription will ends on (2).

To send a Formatted SMS to a group of mobiles numbers, each number’s variables must be defined, those variables will replacing (1) & (2),

in the SMS that will be sent to the each mobile number, and you can include those variables, in the parameter: msgKey, like this:

msgKey = (1) ,*, Akash ,@, (2) ,*, name2 ***
• (1), (2)…: the symbols where the values will be replaced with it.
• *: separate between the symbol and the value that will replace it.
• @: separate between each definition of the symbol and its value.
• ***: separate between each SMS definitions.

For Detailed example please refer our API document .