Improve Patient Management and Communication Efficiently in Healthcare

Deliver human-centered digital health experiences at scale with Telkosh’s proven platform for patient engagement and APIs for healthcare. Revolutionize the patient management system with SMS & Voice Solutions.

Perfect seamless healthcare experience for clients through Telkosh

Deliver simplified engagement services to your patients on the telkosh platform over instant voice and message to serve them better. Make sure there is less waiting for customers during highly secure and tailored interactions. Send appointment updates, thorough medical reports, photos from patient scans, and treatment plans to a mobile device via Telkosh.

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By using the Telkosh panel, respond to each patient's questions quickly regardless of the time of day or location. Develop a trusting relationship with your patients.

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Reduce missed appointments by sending automated messages to confirm or remind about healthcare appointments. Our mVAS solutions are integrated with patient management software to rapidly share test results from medical procedures.

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Make it simple for your patients to remember medication amounts and times by sending automated prescription updates via SMS messages.
Remind them to take their medication when it has to be renewed.

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Allows patients to communicate digitally with physicians via voice conversations or SMS, allowing them to express their problems and promptly get professional guidance.

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Sending survey links to your patients as soon as they leave a session will automate the feedback process. Ask about your offerings and gauge customer satisfaction.

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Use secure Voice and SMS services to tell your administrative teams and medical staff about their shift schedules as well as other time-sensitive information like emergencies, OT wait times.

Customize the wellness journey

Keep a line of communication open with your patients by using SMS or voice services. Exceed their expectations by being accessible and caring, and by establishing a secure environment and individualized experiences. Develop the most individualized healthcare solutions that address each person’s needs while boosting trust and dependability.

Enhanced Automation

Give your teams access to a cutting-edge platform that will enable them to fully understand their patients and make informed decisions. The patient experience can be enhanced by automating notifications, appointment scheduling, reminders, and medications. Ensure the highest level of dependability with a system that enables secure communications for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Improve Patient Management
and Communication
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