Send A Million SMS in Less Than A Minute

Use the Platform or the HTTP API to send messages internationally. Your clients can receive offers, transactional messages, account balances, OTP, stock alerts, and much more in a single SMS message.
Support for All

Give your application the ability to deliver more than just standard bulk SMS


Online bulk SMS sending

Transmit customized bulk SMS using various custom merge fields.


Scheduled campaigns for bulk SMS

Set a later time and day for the delivery of your messages.


Online SMS delivery

Get a list of inboxes and the complete list of messages that were received in each one.


Contact administration

Your contacts and contact groups can be created, edited, and deleted.


SMS reporting

Obtain message history, including correspondence sent via the API, email to SMS, or web portal.


Messenger polls

Get a list of your surveys, together with the results, in XML or JSON format.


Reseller Management

Get access to every account that belongs to your reseller account, transfer credits among them, and more.


Maintaining delivery reports

Obtain delivery confirmations through a standard URL or specify delivery notification URLs when mailing

HTTP SMS API features