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Boost lead generation, automate sales, and increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities, with Bulk SMS solutions.

Workforce coordination

Broadcast notifications

Send out job notices to targeted employees who possess the necessary skill set. Your Field Service Management system’s integration with Telkosh enables you to programmatically contact particular staff members, departments, and experts.

Schedule changes quickly

Send out announcements to the workforce to fill shifts more quickly and handle urgent client needs. Utilize the Telkosh platform to manage two-way communications with your staff by integrating your scheduling system.

Send important notifications to consumers


Inform clients about account modifications

Inform clients about significant account activities, such as low balance notifications, password resets, and bill reminders. Adjust the alert frequency and notification channel based on the preferences of your customers.


Remind appointments using your CRM

Delivering appointment reminders by SMS will help decrease no-shows. Automated notification of waitlist clients regarding appointment availability.


Allow customers to track deliveries

Without having to ask you, customers want to know what to anticipate from your company. Send them notifications regarding the arrival of their food order or packages to keep them updated.

Organize field transmissions between workers and clients.

Establish secure chats

Allow employees to use Telkosh to interact with multiple consumers while using a single number. Telkosh uses masked phone numbers to safeguard confidential information while promoting effective communication.

Observe chats for conformity

Because Telkosh interfaces with your CRM, you can keep an eye on interactions to make sure everyone using your platform is adhering to your terms and conditions.

Create an innovative way to communicate with your workers and clients

Keep your clients informed of any changes to their accounts.

By sending confirmation SMS from CRM and reservation systems, no-shows can be decreased.

Any Field Service Management system can be used to send text messages to mobile workers for dispatch.

Don't share the phone numbers of buyers or dealers. Through Telkosh numbers, they may connect their SMS.

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