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SEND SMS through our Oracle API’s : (Send SMS)

Sending SMS Requirements:

1. Oracle Database should be installed on the working machine.
2. Stable internet connection.
3. SMS account information (username, password), from our Website.

How to configure your file for sending SMS:

First of all, you should get the right version of API’s files that match the version of your oracle database, and we only support those versions of oracles: 6i & 7i & 9i & 10j
& 12c.
Configuration Steps:

1. Open folder Send_SMS, and build the required function your database.
2. When you need to work with forum, you need to install Oracle Developer that match the version of your database, and then you can run the GUI of our API’s.
Sending SMS Results:

1. Result (1): sending Completed Successfully.
2. Result (2): username is incorrect.
3. Result (3): password is incorrect.
4. Result (4): sender name is empty.

Send SMS :