Outbound Dialer Software to Boost & Scale Call Conversions

Using our Outbound dialer software, you may increase agent productivity and stop manually dialing numbers. To learn more about how Telkosh can benefit your company, schedule a product tour!
Outbound Dialer Software

Customize Your Automated Outbound Calls

To deliver a message, do you need to phone multiple people? We have a remedy. Simply record your voice message, enter the landline and cell numbers you want to be called, then hit submit. The complete list will receive voice calls with the pre-recorded message. By clicking a button from your web panel, you can phone thousands of your clients.

Send important notifications to consumers


Auto dialer

Reduce agent idle time by automating the dialing process with a progressive dialer.


Outbound IVR

Utilize an automated outgoing IVR to remind and inform consumers about services, products, due dates, etc.


SMS Integration

To communicate with clients more effectively, automated text messages can be coupled with follow-up calls.

Outbound Dialer

Boost your business communication with Outbound Dialer


Reduces time

It takes time to manually place outbound calls for numerous clients. A streamlined and scalable outbound dialing procedure is guaranteed by an automatic outbound dialer.


Increases Profit

Businesses may create and convert more leads using automated dialer software, which will ultimately lead to increased income.


Enhances sales

A company's sales are considerably increased by an auto dialer since it can place more calls than a human agent in the same amount of time and can place calls simultaneously.


Decreases workforce

Through a marked increase in agent productivity caused by auto dialer software, businesses can accomplish more with fewer staff.

About Telkosh Voice solutions

Unattended recorded voice interaction with the caller is made possible by an automated calling service.

The simplest method to create robust communication applications in the cloud is through restful APIs.

Obtain a reserved caller ID and make sure it is shown on each number to broadcast your automated audio messages.

Plan calls, interact, collect, and summarise client feedback.

Allow your customers to reach you instantly with a single click

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