Promotional SMS Can Help You Grow Your Business

With an automated and cloud-based promotional SMS solution, capture your customers’ attention. To learn more about how Telkosh can benefit in getting your customers’ attention, schedule a product tour!
Promotional SMS

Activate text message promotions

Improve your company's marketing efforts with personalized bulk SMS promotions.


Personalized Messages

Create specific promotional messaging for your target audience based on the needs of your campaign and your sector.


Time and money-saving

A low-cost method of quickly reaching a broader customer base.

Raise Your SMS Campaigns’ ROI with Telkosh

Reach A Wide Audience via Promotional SMS

The possibility to reach a big audience is one of the best aspects of promotional SMS. Since most individuals carry their smartphones about with them at all times, text messages are more likely to be read by recipients than billboards or magazines.
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Promotional SMS Is Cost-Effective

Compared to other marketing strategies, promotional SMSes are quite cost-effective. There are no extra expenditures, such as design fees or airtime charges; you only have to pay for the text messages that are actually sent.
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Personalized SMS for Positive Conversion Rates

You have the option to tailor the message when you send a promotional SMS so that it speaks to the recipient specifically. Conversion rates may rise as a result because recipients of SMS messages that seem specifically addressed to them are more likely to react favorably.
Personalized SMS

Measure the audience of every Campaign

Promotional SMS, in contrast to some other marketing strategies, is quite quantifiable. You can keep tabs on things like how many people saw your message, how many people clicked the link in your message, and how many sales the campaign generated, for instance.

Enable instant SMSs for Promotional Engagement automatically.

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