Transmit and obtain a large number of text messages in Seconds

SMS short codes are competent for transmitting extremely high volumes of SMS in a short period. Use the Telkosh SMS platform, the optimal choice when aiming to reach large audiences.
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Use Short Code Service to send messages with blazing speed


No-hassle procurement

Consider renting a new shortcode or migrating your current one. Instead of you, Telkosh handles the 8–12 week carrier approval process.


Worldwide Coverage

You can contact individuals anywhere in the world with shortcodes offered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and India, as well as long-code phone numbers in more than 100 locations.


100 SMS per second

When seconds matter, a Telkosh Short Code ensures that your communications are delivered without you having to worry about carrier screening or message queuing.

Telkosh Short Code Service

Organizations employ short codes, which are five or six digit phone numbers, to send mass texts. SMS marketing campaigns are opted into by texting a “keyword,” which is a word or phrase, to a short number. To make the opt-in procedure simpler, they are designed to be shorter than typical phone numbers.
Messaging Worldwide
Messaging Worldwide

Promote your business using Shortcodes

By giving you a short, simple-to-remember short code number that can be used for SMS marketing, these services help you generate more leads and make it easier to conduct live voting, get consumer feedback, and more. Allow your clients to text your shortcodes to send you the data you require. Use a combination of keywords and shortcodes to allow your clients to participate in polls and surveys.
Messaging Worldwide

Simplified Process with Short codes

When a carrier is unable to receive messages via shortcodes, Telkosh Messaging Service features can automatically divert to conventional long-code phone numbers.

To handle responses to short code messages intelligently, replace strict keyword response logic with flexible natural language comprehension enabled by the Telkosh Platform.

Without the need for bespoke programming, automatic picture transcoding, character encoding, and message assembling ensure that messages are sent properly.