Integrate SMPP: Great Choice for Top SMS Messaging Performance

For businesses that connect to our global messaging infrastructure with SMPP, there are no restrictions on the volumes and capabilities they can acquire.
Integrate SMPP

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Business Solution

For SMS service providers looking to improve their position in the lucrative field of bulk SMS operations, our SMPP protocol offers a highly interoperable, scalable, and secure key solution.


Customer Solution

We enable you to provide strong, scalable, and managed inbound SMPP client services if you have a sizable clientele and buy SMS from numerous providers.


SMPP API Solution

Text SMS can be sent via the open, effective, and high-quality SMPP API protocol. Standard SMPP is greatly needed by some carriers to send billions of SMS at once.

Decrease the time for delivering a large volume of SMS

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) is a reliable and efficient protocol for sending large volumes of messages quickly. By utilizing SMPP to deliver large-volume messages, businesses will be able to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to reach the recipient. It is a high-performance protocol that makes use of sophisticated features such as TCP/IP networking, server response buffering, intelligent handling of outbound messages, and more.

Why Use Our SMPP Protocol to Transmit Your SMS?

Operators who operate a direct route

Our SMS SMPP system is strong, highly available, and fault-resistant thanks to routing on direct route connections with telecom operators combined with backup channels.
SMPP System
SMPP Performance Control


The ability to maintain an ideal flow rate is provided by a performance control and management device. Our dependable, high-performance routing service has a 99.95% availability rate.
SMPP Performance Control

Easy way of Sending SMS

A leading player in the sending of SMS overall world, Telkosh has solid experience in the routing of Text Messages to the U.A.E. and other countries and the monitoring of the performance of sendings.
Sending SMS

Additionally, we provide you with exceptional support for SMS transactional and promotional messaging.

Uses the binds mode to perform the functions of a transceiver, transmitter, and receiver.

Our SMPP gateway offers you a secure and dependable gateway to transfer messages because it is supported by a strong infrastructure.

Gives you the ability to bind numerous sessions & Comes with the guarantee that SMS will be available worldwide.