Delight Your Customers with Personalized SMS

Communicate in a way that is appropriate for each step of the client experience. Drive customer satisfaction by sending messages that increase client happiness.

Exceptional customer service at each stage of the customer journey

Proactive Service

Reach customers with outbound communications. Enable automated call-backs, subscription renewals, outage notifications, surveys, appointment reminders, and more. Track campaign status and results.

Self Service

Many customers prefer the convenience of self-service, especially for simple tasks. SMS can improve customer satisfaction while freeing up agents for higher-value work.

Assisted Service

Customers can’t always resolve issues via SMS. In such cases, you can transition customers to the best-equipped knowledgeable human agent via the telkosh panel.

Customer feedback

Contact center analytics tell whether you’re meeting KPIs, but don’t tell the whole story. Utilize post-conversation surveys to harness immediate customer feedback and improve the customer experience.

Deliver a Satisfied and Elated Customer Experience

To provide individualized experiences, Telkosh enables you to keep a consolidated view of your customer's journey across all of their interactions.

Using our SMS solutions, we can give each consumer a personalized experience learning about their precise requirements and quickly responding to those demands.

With our round-the-clock support system, which enables you to help your customers even after office hours, you can give your company a professional appearance.

Our databases are very secure and protectively guarded in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your sales and lead data.

Start Providing Excellent
Customer Service

Customer Support