Segment and Target your customer base Using smart SMS campaigns

With Target SMS Service, grow your business by increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Take advantage of increased engagement and efficiency with Telkosh Target SMS Service.
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Distribute Targeted SMS to the Client Base

With Telkosh’s SmartLinks & codes, you can transform any “action” or “inaction” of your clients into a business opportunity. Use the detailed data the analytics engine provides to segment your client base into smaller groups so you can profile them, retarget them with more pertinent campaigns, track reaction rates in real time, and enhance the context of your messages.

Benefits of Target Market Messaging


Increases customer engagement

Make customers feel “seen,” boosting connection


Generates leads

Most marketers struggle with finding high-quality leads.


Hyper personalized campaigns

Guiding the recipient to content-rich pages


Measure click metrics

For every SMS campaign with a brief smart link call to action


Complete campaign tracking

From message, initiation to purchase through smart codes


High Open Rate

Increased direct marketing actions with a high open rate.


Fast Communication

Reach your target audience immediately with an instant notification.


Good ROI

SMS is a cost-effective way to reach your customers.

Geolocation Targeting Marketing

You may draw customers from particular locations by using geolocation targeting. Geolocation targeting leverages the power of geography to your advantage because customers typically prefer to purchase goods from establishments that are close to where they live. For example, Sending promotional messages to UAE residents for a one-day event in Dubai serves no purpose. You may identify folks in the same region as your store by using a geolocation filter to segment your list, which can help your marketing efforts.
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Messaging Worldwide

Demographics Targeting Marketing

When developing effective SMS marketing campaigns, you should bear in mind your recipients’ gender, age, lifestyle, and other aspects because demographics have a huge impact on customer behaviour. Gender-specific audience targeting might lead to special marketing opportunities. You may access new revenue sources and increase your ROI by taking into account the needs of different genders.
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Behavior Targeting Marketing

The most crucial elements to take into account when segmenting the market are consumer behaviors. You may send offers that will appeal to your website visitors by learning what pages they viewed and which products they found interesting. For your market segmentation, you can also take into account the frequency and history of your clients’ purchases. Keep your loyal consumers interested, for instance, by sending them frequent promotional offers with low-cost deals.
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