Transactional Alerts that keep you updated & Secure!

Telkosh presents business APIs and on-premise solutions to provide secure transactional alerts and notifications. To learn more about how Telkosh can benefit your company, schedule a product tour!

Engagement with your customers in real-time

To generate beneficial business consequences, our SMS service delivers the appropriate message to your target client groups in real-time.

DND Allowed

You can send transactional SMS to DND (Do Not Disturb) phones in your contact list using Telkosh’s transactional SMS service. When receiving promotional communications, this feature is not accessible. When it comes to OTPs and crucial notifications without a marketing focus, the feature is most helpful.

Delivery Report

Companies can track and confirm the delivery of each transactional SMS sent. Telkosh offers thorough SMS delivery reports, making it simpler for senders to comprehend how many recipients have received and viewed the message.

24/7 SMS messaging

Transactional SMS can be automated and sent at any time of day based on the user activity because they are designed to support a user along the customer journey and are triggered by an action of the user on a website or app. Users can conduct secure online transactions at any time of day with sufficient information thanks to this.

Integration of API

Telkosh provides easy API integration with your current programs. As a result, you only pay for the message channels that you use and can activate them by simply integrating an API into your product.
Support for All

Set your chosen trigger and begin automatically sending transactional SMSs without delay!

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