Scale Your Transportation and Logistics with Telkosh

Tekosh mVAS technology can simplify the operation of logistics and enable hassle-free delivery. Secure faster, safer package delivery, and guarantee higher customer satisfaction via SMS or Voice!

Gain More Supply Chain Visibility with cutting-edge mVAS Technology

Cater to detailed customer needs with Telkosh’s mVAS solutions that offer vital insights in real-time for improved services. With the use of our SMS or Voice services, you may more effectively and flexibly manage consignment tracking, invoices, and delivery schedules. Additionally, include maps to help your drivers and prevent missed deliveries by establishing two-way messaging with your clients.

Build an efficient customer base for Logistics Industry

Scalable real-time communications

Keep in touch with our local presence and worldwide reach. Real-time notifications, one-time passwords, and automated conversations by SMS or Voice can help you provide better transportation and logistics customer service.

Communicate securely

Establish confidence without compromising the user experience with dependable and secure SMS or voice authentication that your consumers choose. Number masking adds an extra degree of security to improve consumer and driver privacy.

Automate journey

Take your clients from point A to point B, assisting them along the way with a combined marketing, sales, and customer support solution. Utilizing consumer data, automated event-based engagement, and human-touched customer care will increase income.

Boost engagement

Increase employee engagement at scale with smart features, automated reminders, and agent support from registration to booking. With an automated user authentication system and simple engagement campaigns, you can reduce employee stress and boost productivity.

Sales and Lead Generation

Sales and Lead Generation

With Cloud Contact Center, Lead Management, and Missed Call Solution, you can streamline the sales and lead-generating process while increasing sales with a focused strategy that is personalized to your needs.

Deliveries and Logistics

Deliveries and Logistics

Give the team access to a clever platform so they may inform your consumers about their preferred method of contact, such as setting a multi-level IVR to let them follow each order in real-time.

Monitoring Marketing ROI

Monitoring Marketing ROI

Connect Missed Call Solutions, Virtual Business Numbers to your offline and online marketing initiatives to integrate a unified platform to track and monitor.

Customers Support & Feedback

Customers Support & Feedback

Using speech analytics, provide a refined customer experience and gather feedback through voice and SMS, enabling a customer-centric solution to gain each customer's trust.

Streamline logistics with Telkosh - Scale Your Transportation and Logistics business

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