Securely Verify customers at scale with SMS

Increase conversions, reduce churn, and boost more income, thanks to the simple yet effective SMS message! To learn more about how Telkosh can benefit your business, schedule a product tour!
Customer Verification


SMS OTP verification identifies legitimate users with a high degree of trust, which lowers the risk of fraud, hacking, scams, and attacks.



Authentication by SMS texting is available quickly, around-the-clock, and doesn't require human intervention.


Multiple uses

Verify can be used anywhere login or access security is crucial, including concerning sensitive data, financial transactions, and other situations.

Secure Your User Authentication Process

On-Time Delivery of User
Verification OTP on SMS

Your consumers won’t continue with their actions after waiting that long for an OTP to arrive. We offer enterprise-grade OTP services that are trusted by the most demanding industries, like BFSI, e-commerce, retail, etc. since we recognize the effect this may have on your organization.
Verification OTP SMS
API Configuration

Configuring an API with ease

Utilize our simple integration and configuration to gain from corporate scalability. Create and send OTPs through SMS, then check the recipient’s answer.
API Configuration

Provides Performance Analysis

With our strong super network and sophisticated routing, which are tailored for SMS verification, you can verify your end users in a matter of seconds. Trying to find analytics? To monitor conversion rates, fault detection, and prevention, visit Telkosh self-service portal.
performance Analysis
Verification OTP Security

Manages User Verification OTP Security

By easily authenticating online transactions and confirming user information with the Telkosh OTP Service, you can increase data security and stop phishing attacks. Authentication, SMS delivery, time tracking, and seamless OTP generation must all be accomplished without the use of additional resources.
Verification OTP Security

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Customer Support

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